Safety hazards hiding in the shadows

Many construction sites use light towers to light up the entire site. This solution does give an overall good work light in most situations but can create dangerous situations. Larger objects as containers, vehicles, machines, cable drums etc. can cast large shadows which can cover up potential hazards. These hazards can, however, be reduced drastically by wearing a headlamp or mounting one on your helmet. With a powerful headlamp you can light up the dangerous shadow areas to see the hazards before you get hurt.

We have visited a construction site in Denmark in October to demonstrate how potential hazards can hide in the shadows, and how you can easily see them when wearing a headlamp.

The Container

The hidden hole

The dark hallway

In the pictures above, you can see how dangerous object can be hiding in the shadows causing dangerous situations for the people who work at the construction site. You can find an interactive comparison RIGHT HERE, where you can also see other locations on the construction site with hidden safety hazards.

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