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Actualités – Only in english

M6xr upgrade + S-series adjustments

août 6th, 2021|

M6xr upgrade The M6xr multilamp has been a customer favourite since the release two years ago, and based on the feedback from users all around the world we are now introducing a couple of new and very cool features.Click the video below to see a demonstration of the new features!CR123If you ever find yourself in a situation away [...]

V3pro rechargeable 1000 lumen upgrade

juin 4th, 2021|

V3pro rechargeable 1000 lumen upgrade! The all-time fan favourite V3pro rechargeable have been upgraded to 1000 lumen! We have maintained the well-known design and ultra-high comfort level, and adjusted nothing but the performance on this professional Suprabeam. Our technicians  have been able to achieve this significant increase from 750 to 1000 lumen by tweaking and updating [...]

Suprabeam & The Great Outdoors

mai 10th, 2021|

Suprabeam & The Great Outdoors Our lights help outdoor people all over the world pitch their tent, cook their food, and navigate in the dark. Suprabeam has a wide range of flashlights, headlamps, and multilamps that applies to many different outdoor activities. Two favourites of the outdoor community is the Q3r flashlight and M6xr [...]

NEW Q1r rechargeable penlight

février 10th, 2021|

NEW Suprabeam Q1r Rechargeable Penlight Suprabeam Q1r - SUPERCHARGED Penlight The Suprabeam Q1r has been equipped with a powerful Li-Po battery, internal USB-C charging, electronic switch, and a super efficient LED chip. This perfect combination delivers astonishing 550 lumen, but the flashlight is still the size of a pen! This extraordinarily [...]

New lumen to lux calculator

novembre 27th, 2020|

New lumen to lux calculator! The lumen to lux calculator is a very useful tool that can give you an idea of how powerful a light you need to work safely, or to fulfil legal requirements on a job site. Lumen is the number one most marketed specification in the world of flashlights and headlamps, but it [...]

Advent Calendar on Instagram

novembre 26th, 2020|

Advent Calendar 2020 December is getting closer, and just like the previous years we will be doing the Suprabeam advent calendar! This year it will take place on Instagram and there will be plenty of gifts for our followers! So head over to our Instagram channel and be ready for the first advent giveaway on Sunday [...]

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