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Sponsoring Reaching Summits

Juli 5th, 2024|

Race Across Switzerland After Karine Fragnière prepared the women's team 'Reaching Summits' for the Patrouille des Glaciers, she is now starting a new women's team for the bicycle race 'Race Across Switzerland'. The Race Across Switzerland is: "An endurance cycling journey that takes you through the majestic alpine beauty of Switzerland. This adventure is a unique fusion of [...]

Suprabeam on Mt. Everest

Mai 27th, 2024|

Suprabeam on Mount Everest Experienced mountaineer Christian Binggeli from Switzerland have just climbed the most well-known mountain in the world, Mount Everest. The team arrived at the summit on May 23rd at 7am. The team was well prepared for the expedition and were all equipped with Suprabeam M6xr’s. Congrats to Christian and everyone on the team - [...]

Victory in SellaRonda Skimarathon

April 8th, 2024|

Victoria Kreuzer and Martin Anthamatten wins SellaRonda Skimarathon! We are extremely proud of our two ambassadors Victoria and Martin who have won the 2024 edition of the SellaRonda Skimarathon in the mixed team category! The extremely demanding race is 42 km long with 2700m of altitude and goes through the Dolomites, and if that wasn’t demanding enough, [...]

9 year old Q3classic is brought back to life

März 19th, 2024|

9 year old Q3classic is brought back to life We recently got a Q3classic flashlight in for a repair, and you could tell from the look of it that it has had a pretty rough life. The customer told us that he had used the flashlight every day since the day he bought it 9 years ago. He [...]

Girlpower on Kilimanjaro

März 14th, 2024|

Girlpower on Kilimanjaro In August 2023 7 colleagues went on the adventure of a lifetime, an adventure to the top of Africa: Kilimanjaro. Hanne, Birgit, Karen, Linda, Ute, Anne, and Majken from the Ikast, Denmark based company, Spectre, are the 7 hardcore women who climbed the Kilimanjaro. The rough terrain, the altitude, and the technical [...]

Which light does the tracking dog handler use?

März 13th, 2024|

Which light does the tracking dog handler use? You can always reach Kim on the phone. Both day and night he and his dog Kaos are ready to move out to help road users and hunters, who have hit or wounded an animal. Kim is a “Schweisshundefører” or tracking dog handler, and together with his three colleagues [...]

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