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Running the Tor Des Géants

2023-04-03T13:57:54+00:00septembre 23rd, 2022|

5 nights of running - 2 batteries One of our sponsored athletes Alessandro Ioli from Italy just finished the crazy Tor De Géants long distance ultra running race. With 330km and 24000m of climbing through the Alps, this race is no joke. There are no stages, so the participants decide themselves where and for how long they rest. Alessandro finished the race in 127 hours, with only 10 hours of sleep in total! He used the Suprabeam V4pro rechargeable for running after dark, and through all of the 5 nights he only used two batteries! Well done Alessandro! 👏

New video format!

2022-12-14T08:27:21+00:00septembre 15th, 2022|

Education videos We are launching a new educational video format, starting with a presentation of the new Suprabeam B6r bike light and its features. In the videos you can get a closer look at our products, see the features in action, and get some insight on the technology and design process. We hope that you like the video! Stay tuned for more education videos coming up. German speak French speak

Antonin and Lucie in the 2022 Badlands cc

2022-09-15T06:36:30+00:00septembre 6th, 2022|

Follow Antonin & Lucie in the Badlands CC Follow Antonin and Lucie in the 2022 edition of the crazy 750 km. Badlands CC bike race, which takes place in southern Spain right now! The riders took off on September 4th and will be facing 750 km. on a 85% off road route, with only one stage and no support at all. They will have to endure rough terrain, deserts. mountains, and the scorching heat of southern Spain in September. We have sponsored the lighting setup for Antonin and Lucie, and they are both riding with a combination of the Suprabeam B6r 72Wh bike light on their handlebars, and the V4pro rechargeable on their helmets. [...]

S4 rechargeable upgrade

2022-08-12T10:33:50+00:00août 12th, 2022|

S4 rechargeable performance upgrade It’s a pleasure to announce that the Suprabeam S4 rechargeable has been upgraded to deliver impressive 750 lumen. Our engineers have tweaked the software and installed a new set of cutting-edge LED chips to boost the performance. The upgraded S4 rechargeable will be delivered in our iconic fully recyclable packaging and is in stock and ready for delivery! New article number: 604.5011 New EAN number:  5704049908352 Packaging dimensions: 20 x 7.5 x 6 cm READ MORE

Sponsor of Engadin Skimarathon

2022-01-26T13:01:19+00:00janvier 26th, 2022|

Proud sponsor of the Engadin Skimarathon We are proud to announce that Suprabeam will be a sponsor of the Engadin Skimarathon 2022, taking place in Engadin, Switzerland from 06/03/2022 – 12/03/2022. This years Engadin Skimarathon is the 52nd edition of the popular cross-country skiing race, which is one of the major cross-country skiing events in the Alps. 42 beautiful but hard kilometres through the Swiss alps. Besides the main event the marathon week features a half marathon, women’s only race, and a 17 km long night race. You will be able to purchase Suprabeam products at our partner stand at the event. Read much more about the Engadin Skimarathon on their website. [...]

New 2022 catalogue

2022-01-25T10:17:58+00:00décembre 17th, 2021|

New 2022 catalogue A portal to our online universe Suprabeam' s current range is now available in our new handy format catalogue starting our new concept of product information. QR codes are introduced as the essential way into our product's complete information and multimedia offering. DOWNLOAD CATALOGUE VIEW CATALOGUE ONLINE Scan to explore 1. SCAN QR CODE      2. CHOOSE LANGUAGE      3. EXPLORE PRODUCT New innovative concept Interactive design Our new catalogue has been designed in a desire to modernize the communication around our products on several platforms. FOCUS ON THE ESSENTIAL FIRST The printed catalogue is a portal to our online universe where you can dive [...]

V3air rechargeable performance upgrade

2021-10-27T13:54:17+00:00octobre 27th, 2021|

V3air rechargeable performance upgrade We are proud to announce that we have been able to miniaturize our cutting edge DC Converter technology from our V3pro rechargeable and V4pro rechargeable models in to the V3air rechargeable. The result: Increased maximum output of 650 lm for better visibility Increased runtime up to 50% - with the same battery and without weight increase DOWNLOAD FACTSHEET VIEW PRODUCT

M6xr upgrade + S-series adjustments

2021-09-10T07:35:56+00:00août 6th, 2021|

M6xr upgrade The M6xr multilamp has been a customer favourite since the release two years ago, and based on the feedback from users all around the world we are now introducing a couple of new and very cool features.Click the video below to see a demonstration of the new features!CR123If you ever find yourself in a situation away from a power source, you will love this new feature. With this upgrade the M6xr now works with both the included rechargeable battery AND 2 x CR123 disposable batteries.-40° Celsius operationIn order to adapt to the coldest regions of the world, the upgraded M6xr now operates all the way down to -40° Celsius with CR123 batteries.HTSP – High Temperature Safety [...]

V3pro rechargeable 1000 lumen upgrade

2021-09-10T07:37:09+00:00juin 4th, 2021|

V3pro rechargeable 1000 lumen upgrade! The all-time fan favourite V3pro rechargeable have been upgraded to 1000 lumen! We have maintained the well-known design and ultra-high comfort level, and adjusted nothing but the performance on this professional Suprabeam. Our technicians  have been able to achieve this significant increase from 750 to 1000 lumen by tweaking and updating the software, so the headlamp now is as efficient as possible! Our team of technicians have made this lumen increase possible without compromising on runtimes at all, the 1000 lumen V3pro rechargeable will shine for just as long as its predecessor.

Suprabeam & The Great Outdoors

2021-09-10T07:37:55+00:00mai 10th, 2021|

Suprabeam & The Great Outdoors Our lights help outdoor people all over the world pitch their tent, cook their food, and navigate in the dark. Suprabeam has a wide range of flashlights, headlamps, and multilamps that applies to many different outdoor activities. Two favourites of the outdoor community is the Q3r flashlight and M6xr multilamp. Suprabeam Q3r Q3r is compact, bright, and waterproof which makes it the perfect outdoor flashlight. With 1100 lumen you will never find yourself wishing you had more light. Furthermore it fits with a bunch of accessories like the diffuser bulb, which transform it into a cozy lightbulb. Suprabeam M6xr Flashlight, headlamp, and area light [...]

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