Rowing with the Kiwi Fondue team

2023-06-16T12:41:02+00:00June 16th, 2023|

Rowing 4444 km from California to Hawaii It might sound completely crazy, but this is exactly the journey that the four men; Alex, Rich, Lorenz, and Alex have embarked on June 12th 2023. Together they make up the Kiwi Fondue team and are participating in the Pacific Challenge 2023, rowing the 4444 km from Monterey, California to Hanelei Kaua’i, Hawaii. The team expect it to take them 35 days on the water to get to Hawaii, burning 6000 kcal a day and loosing appx. 12 kg body mass each. Suprabeam have sponsored the lights for the team, and they are all equipped with V3air rechargeable headlamps and Q3r flashlights, along with extra batteries and the appropriate accessories. [...]

2023 Display Folder

2023-06-06T12:20:14+00:00June 6th, 2023|

2023 Display Folder Experience the 2023 Suprabeam point of sale display range! We offer different types of display solutions in order to suit every type of store. With great flexibility in every display type we are able to customize the setup to suit the exact range you are looking for. Contact your local sales agent for more information. DOWNLOAD POS FOLDER DOWNLOAD POS FOLDER INDUSTRY

Premium Products. Premium Service.

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Premium Products. Premium Service. Premium customer service is not just a commitment for us; it is rooted in our DNA. We take immense pride in going above and beyond to ensure that our customers receive the absolute best care and support. Expert Guidance We are here to help! Whether you call our main office in Denmark or one of our local sales offices in Switzerland, France, or Sweden you will be greeted by one of our dedicated colleagues ready to help. We believe in the power of human interaction, so our phones are always manned by real people with extensive product knowledge. Spare parts and repair service We recognize that a satisfied [...]

New M6xr videos!

2023-02-22T12:01:20+00:00February 22nd, 2023|

New M6xr videos! This new presentation video goes through all the details of the popular M6xr multilamp in just 5 minutes! It’s a great tool to educate new sales personal about features and selling points, and perfect for adding to a webshop. In addition we have filmed a maintenance for the M6xr, to teach customers how to take extra good care of their M6xr. English DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Deutsch DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Francais DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD

Scandinavian Outdoor Group

2023-02-08T10:13:06+00:00February 8th, 2023|

Suprabeam joins Scandinavian Outdoor Group New Member We are proud to announce that since December 2022 Suprabeam is a development member of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG). The SOG is a group of +70 outdoor gear manufactures from the Scandinavian countries; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland, with the common goal of strengthening the Scandinavian brands on the international outdoor scene. By cooperating we are able benefit from each other, share ideas, and participate in joint projects that strengthens each member of the SOG. Ambition Our ambition with joining the SOG is to network and spar with other premium quality outdoor brands from Scandinavia. We hope to find and share inspiration with the other +70 brands in the [...]

S2 Performance Upgrade

2023-01-06T10:56:25+00:00January 6th, 2023|

S2 Performance Upgrade Our engineers are constantly working on improving our products, and this time they gave the Suprabeam S2 headlamp a performance overhaul. With a new set of performance LED’s and an upgrade of the electronics, they were able to boost the lumen output from 200 to 300 lumen and enhance the beam distance. Visibility equals safety The upgraded S2 will be delivered in our fully recyclable packaging, and is in stock and ready for delivery! New article number: 602.1011 New EAN number:  5704049908338 Packaging dimensions: 12,5 x 6 x 5,5 cm

Suprabeam Penlights

2022-12-19T09:21:53+00:00December 19th, 2022|

Suprabeam Penlights Penlights has been an important part of the Suprabeam DNA since the beginning, and today the penlight range consists of four models covering all use scenarios. Watch the video to get an introduction to our penlight range! English Download flyer Watch penlight video Français Télécharger le flyer Regardez la vidéo Deutsch Flyer herunterladen Video ansehen

A Badlands journal

2022-11-14T11:11:35+00:00November 8th, 2022|

A Badlands journal The wildest bikepacking off-road challenge on Europe: 780km +16.000m across the only official deserts in Europe, the wild coast of Cabo de Gata and the highest Col in the continent, Pico Veleta at 3.396m Return to earth We get back on the bikes after a few days of rest, we have completed our Spanish adventure; the Badlands CC. It’s a strange mix of feelings when we begin pedalling. After the euphoria of completing a race like this beyond our expectations has settled, this short ride is not easy. Nostalgia, fatigue, laziness. But the expectation of fresh bread and croissants at the nearest bakery 13 km away from our home, is enough to get us [...]

New competitor lightcurves

2022-10-12T13:32:33+00:00October 12th, 2022|

New lightcurves We have just added three competitor lightcurves, which you can easily find under competitor lightcurves on the Dealer Area. Or see the graph below. Milwaukee IR HL450 Milwaukee IR FL500 Petzl Aktik 2022

Helmet Mounting

2022-11-14T11:10:25+00:00October 11th, 2022|

Suprabeam Helmet Mounting Options There is a ton of different helmets on the market; some with mounting slots in the front or side, some with mounting clips, and some with no mounting system at all. But no matter the type of helmet you encounter, there is a Suprabeam mounting option that fits! Watch the educational video for an introduction to our different helmet mounting systems. Benefits of helmet mounted light Increased safety – move around safely Increased visibility – other people can see you Increased work speed – see what you are doing Handsfree lighting – a light on the helmet frees both hands English Download flyer Watch all [...]

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