Victory in SellaRonda Skimarathon

2024-04-08T12:38:32+00:00avril 8th, 2024|

Victoria Kreuzer and Martin Anthamatten wins SellaRonda Skimarathon! We are extremely proud of our two ambassadors Victoria and Martin who have won the 2024 edition of the SellaRonda Skimarathon in the mixed team category! The extremely demanding race is 42 km long with 2700m of altitude and goes through the Dolomites, and if that wasn’t demanding enough, the race takes place in the night! Victoria raced with a M6xr multilamp on her helmet, and Martin chose the larger B6r mounted on the helmet as well. Congratulations to Victoria and Martin! M6xr The M6xr Multilamp is extremely versatile and can be used for a number of different sports. Victoria use the adhesive mount on her helmet, for easy [...]

9 year old Q3classic is brought back to life

2024-03-19T12:05:42+00:00mars 19th, 2024|

9 year old Q3classic is brought back to life We recently got a Q3classic flashlight in for a repair, and you could tell from the look of it that it has had a pretty rough life. The customer told us that he had used the flashlight every day since the day he bought it 9 years ago. He had used it in his work as a motorcycle mechanic, and later when he worked on a big ship. He also admitted that the flashlight had been dropped from a moving motorcycle at least 4 times, as well as being run over by a car a couple of times. So saying it has had a rough life was not an [...]

Girlpower on Kilimanjaro

2024-03-19T12:21:44+00:00mars 14th, 2024|

Girlpower on Kilimanjaro In August 2023 7 colleagues went on the adventure of a lifetime, an adventure to the top of Africa: Kilimanjaro. Hanne, Birgit, Karen, Linda, Ute, Anne, and Majken from the Ikast, Denmark based company, Spectre, are the 7 hardcore women who climbed the Kilimanjaro. The rough terrain, the altitude, and the technical stretches in the dark took its toll on the group, but all 7 made it to the top. All 7 women were equipped with a Suprabeam M6xr Multilamp, which ensured that they reached the top, without any accidents in the dark. Suprabeam have sponsored the M6xr Multilamps for this adventure. To navigate in the [...]

Which light does the tracking dog handler use?

2024-03-19T12:21:02+00:00mars 13th, 2024|

Which light does the tracking dog handler use? You can always reach Kim on the phone. Both day and night he and his dog Kaos are ready to move out to help road users and hunters, who have hit or wounded an animal. Kim is a “Schweisshundefører” or tracking dog handler, and together with his three colleagues he handles the around 330 searches on Bornholm each year. The Danish “Schweisshunderegister” is a registry of specially trained tracking dogs and handlers, covering the entire country, who can help anyone who accidentally injures wildlife. The handler works closely with his specially trained dog, and together they are educated and certified by the Danish Nature Agency, to handle searches and [...]

WEMountain Partnership

2024-03-19T12:20:22+00:00mars 7th, 2024|

WEMountain x Suprabeam Partnership Because your best day out shouldn’t be your last! WEMountain is a first of its kind mountain training course, combining online E-learning courses with physical T-learning on the mountains. The courses cater towards all freeride skiers or snowboarders, who wish to decrease their chance of ending up in an avalanche, and learn what to do, if they do. Founded with the intention of saving lives, WEMountain educates mountain safety in three stages; AVOID, REACT, and RESCUE. With the courses you will learn how to avoid and prevent risk, how to act positively in an avalanche, and lastly how to manage a rescue successfully. ACCORDING TO STUDIES, 90% OF AVALANCHES ARE TRIGGERED BY THE [...]

Sponsoring Reaching Summits

2024-03-19T12:18:51+00:00mars 7th, 2024|

Reaching Summits World class athlete Karine Fragnière has made it her mission to inspire and guide other women to complete the legendary Patrouille des Glaciers ski mountaineering race from Zermatt to Verbier in the Swiss alps. Karine has several wins and finishes under her belt; Ironman Zurich, ironman World Championships 2018, Kleine Scheidegg Xtreme Triathlon, and of course the ultimate Patrouille des Glaciers ski mountaineering race in 2022. With the Reaching Summits project, Karine now guides and helps other women achieving their goal of competing in Patrouille des Glaciers. This year, 2024, Reaching Summits will enter the race with two all women teams, who will face treacherous mountains and daring glaciers before achieving the glory of being a [...]

M6xr wins ISPO Award

2023-10-27T11:25:12+00:00octobre 27th, 2023|

M6xr wins ISPO award We are proud to announce that the Suprabeam M6xr has won the prestigious ISPO award! Every year the expert ISPO Award Jury chooses only a handful of innovative products to receive an ISPO award. The award represents the finest in innovation and design and is a major stamp of approval in the outdoor and sports industry. The entire Suprabeam team is incredibly honored to have received this respected award for the M6xr. If you want to experience the Suprabeam M6xr in real life, you can visit our stand at the ISPO Munich fair Nov. 28-30. You can find our stand in the Scandinavian Village, more precisely: Hall A2, Stand 505. [...]

La M6xr au Marathon des Sables

2023-08-14T06:49:44+00:00juillet 4th, 2023|

Journal du Marathon des Sables La longue étape Il était 2h30 du matin et nous avions traversé le désert du Sahara pendant plus de 19 heures consécutives. Sous une étendue d'étoiles, nous nous sommes assis sur le sable frais et nous nous sommes adossés à nos sacs à dos. Nous avons chacun étiré nos jambes fatiguées et étendu nos bras dans le sable, sentant les petits grains danser sur notre peau. Bien qu'aucun d'entre nous n'ait exprimé cette pensée, en posant la tête en arrière et en fermant les yeux, nous avons silencieusement prié pour qu'un scorpion émerge du sable et nous trouve assez attirants pour nous piquer. Oui, vous avez bien lu, nous avons prié pour [...]

Outdoor adventures

2023-06-15T09:14:56+00:00juin 15th, 2023|

Outdoor adventures In the beginning of the year we reached out to our followers on social media to find some adventurers who would take us along on their outdoor adventure. We got a lot of response on the post and ultimately we had to choose only a handful of people for this outdoor adventure project. The goal was not to find the grandest adventures with the highest altitudes or fastest speeds, but diverse everyday outdoor adventures that most people can relate to and get inspired from. Our mission is to show some of the many different outdoor activities where having a quality flashlight or headlamp can really make a big difference in regards to the experience and [...]

New M6xr videos!

2023-02-22T11:56:49+00:00février 22nd, 2023|

New M6xr videos! This new presentation video goes through all the details of the popular M6xr multilamp in just 5 minutes! It’s a great tool to educate new sales personal about features and selling points, and perfect for adding to a webshop. In addition we have filmed a maintenance for the M6xr, to teach customers how to take extra good care of their M6xr. English DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Deutsch DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Francais DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD

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