The German mountaineering and outdoor magazine ALPIN has just named Suprabeam V3air the BEST  headlamp below 70€. The magazine has tested 10 different headlamps in real life conditions on the parameters:

– Light output
– Light picture
– Runtime
– Overall operation
– Switch operation

V3air scores maximum points in almost all categories and beats the competition. ALPIN mentions: light outputeasy operation , light picture andHyperfocus as some of the key factors that gave V3air the victory.

We are very satisfied that such a reputable magazine has named V3air the winner of their thorough headlamp test. We are also very satisfied that ALPIN has noticed and appreciates the features that separate us from the competition and makes our headlamps true Suprabeam headlamps.

You can read the full headlamp test on Alpin’s website

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