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S4 rechargeable – Video testimonial

How does the S4 rechargeable perform on the job? We have got a video testimonial from the professional drywaller Ben Kuilboer.

Ben Kuilboer is a professional drywaller and owner of Benz Tape Texture & Paint Ltd. In Vancouver Island, Canada. Ben has been using the S4 rechargeable headlamp on his job for the last two months and are absolutely happy about it.

Ben uses the headlamp to find imperfections in his drywall finishing during the final sanding. Therefore, the IP68 rating is important here, as the headlamp must be sealed tight to not be damaged by the fine sanding dust.

With the powerful Suprabeam S4 rechargeable headlamp you can get rid of all the old school wired work lamps. With the headlamp on your head you have your own work lamp wherever you go on the construction site.

Battery capacity is extremely important when working with a headlamp all day. The S4 rechargeable uses a big 1400mAh rechargeable battery. But when using the MAX setting for longer periods of time one battery might not be enough. As Ben says in the video, he has been using an extra battery for his S4 rechargeable. This enables him to charge one battery while using the other one in the headlamp. This is one of the professional features that makes the Suprabeam headlamps special.

Ben runs a drywalling blog on Instagram where he posts about his job as a self employed drywaller, the different jobsites he works at and the tools he uses. If you want to see how a real professional uses Suprabeam lights, you should follow @benzdrywall on Instagram where he posts a lot of images and videos of himself and the Suprabeam headlamps in action.

You can find Bens account on Instagram by searching for @benzdrywall or by clicking this link.

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