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Waterproof and durable

In this video we want to show you that a waterproof headlamp from Suprabeam is completely waterproof. That our rugged torches can handle tough usage. And that even though some of our lights only have an IPX4 rating they can handle some serious rain.

We supply real professionals who uses our products day in and day out. Therefore, we set high standards for materials and construction in order to create torches and headlamps that can handle tough usage for years.

High quality materials

All our torches and aluminium parts are crafted from high-strength aluminium. This extra durable aluminium makes our torches able to withstand being dropped and even run over by a car! Apart from being extremely durable the high-strength aluminium also works as a big heat sink. The heat sink distributes the heat away from the LED and ensuring maximum performance.

Waterproof headlamp and flashlight

A completely waterproof headlamp or flashlight must be IP68 or IPX8 rated, while a rainproof headlamp or flashlight must be IPX4 rated. You can read more about IP-ratings here. In our terminology a waterproof headlamp or flashlight is one that can be submerged into water (down to 1M or 10M for Q3defend.) without taking any harm. In the video we submerge an S4 into a 1M high glass pipe to demonstrate the waterproofness.

Our waterproof products are completely sealed, allowing no water to enter and damage the light. When submerging a headlamp or flashlight look for bubbles escaping the housing, this is a sign that water is entering the light. Some manufacturers do allow water to enter the battery compartment, which mean that you would have to thoroughly dry the battery compartment before continuing using the headlamp. You won’t find this solution in any Suprabeam products, as we strive to choose the best solution, not the easiest.

Watch the video above to see how rugged our lights are. Or take a look at our range of flashlights and headlamps right here.

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