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Nordic Seaplanes

Nordic seaplanes is a small airline company who fly between Aarhus and Copenhagen in a WATERPLANE. We visited the mechanic/cleaning team when they prepared the aircraft for take off, on a dark winter morning. In the darker months the team uses Suprabeam headlamps on a daily basis.


The S-series include S2, S2 rechargeable, S3, S3 rechargeable, S4 and S4 rechargeable. In this picture category you can find pictures of all the models, in different use cases.


We have collected a series of in-use pictures in different industry use cases.

Trail running

Simon James from Mountain Goat Trails have reviewed our updated V3air rechargeable, and he sent us some pictures from his running test.


Suprabeam lights can be used in a ton of different activities, including activities in the great outdoors. We have collected some images with Suprabeam lights being used when hiking, mountain-biking, skiing and camping.


In many lines of business a top-quality flashlight or headlamp is an essential piece of kit. In this gallery, we have visited a farmer inspecting his tractor.