9 year old Q3classic is brought back to life

We recently got a Q3classic flashlight in for a repair, and you could tell from the look of it that it has had a pretty rough life.

The customer told us that he had used the flashlight every day since the day he bought it 9 years ago. He had used it in his work as a motorcycle mechanic, and later when he worked on a big ship. He also admitted that the flashlight had been dropped from a moving motorcycle at least 4 times, as well as being run over by a car a couple of times. So saying it has had a rough life was not an exaggeration.

We repaired the switch and replaced the lens, and now flashlight shines just as good as the day it left the factory.

You can see the Q3classic in the video below.

Remember that we have Lifetime Product Support on all our lights! So if the warranty has expired, we can still repair your Suprabeam light. You only have to cover shipping and spare parts.

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