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The M6xr BodyGuard is not just a light, but a combination of safety, security and self-defense designed to illuminate the way forward and ensure you can move safely and securely through even the most precarious situations.

Light is not just safety and security, it is also a tool for self-defense. When the dark settles, the fear can creep in, as the vision fades and the imagination take over. Good lighting can eliminate this fear and provide a safe and secure path through the darkness.

The M6xr BodyGuard features a powerful strobe light that can temporarily blind and disorient a potential attacker, giving valuable time to seek help or get to safety.


Defend yourself in a safe and legal way. The ultra powerful strobe light can pacify an attacker and give you time to escape.


Pull the pin to activate the alarm. The lound siren can be heard from far away, and will draw attention to your situation.


Walk safely through the darkness with good lighting, to avoid obstacles and dangerous situations.


LED: 1 CREE power chip
Case: Anodized, High Strength Aluminium
Color: Black / Anthracite Dark Grey
Switch: Electronic Switch With Solid Silicone Cover
Weight incl. battery: 114g
Ingress Protection Rating: Waterproof 2m (IP68)
Temperature: -20°C (-40°C with CR123 ) to +50°C
Controller: 4 step controller with instant strobe light
Power Source: Li-ion 18650 3000 mAh (10.8 Wh) 3.6 V. With internal charging. 1 pcs. included
Beam / Distance: Mixed beam 30°/70° / 165 Meter
Luminous Flux: Low: 100 lm / Medium: 300 lm / High: 600 / Max: 2000
Lighting Time: Low: 19h / Medium: 6h / High: 2h 30min / Max: 2h 15min
Charging Time: 80% = 2h 20min / 100% = 4h 40min
Battery indication: Yes
Battery life - Alarm 30 min.
Accessories included: Assault alarm, Wrist strap, USB charging cable, Manual, Neck gaiter
Article. No.: 526.9000
Packaging: Recyclable Cardboard Packaging


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M6xr BodyGuard

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M6xr BodyGuard








Feel secure in the dark

When darkness falls, our mind reacts with a natural sense of unease. It’s as if our brain goes on alert, heightening our senses and letting the fear spread. This reaction can be traced back to the time of our ancestors, when constant caution for dangerous nocturnal predators was vital. Although those days are gone, this primal instinct is still deeply rooted in our brains.

Light is one of the most effective ways to overcome this fear. It reveals hidden dangers and makes the journey through the darkness significantly safer and more secure, providing a sense of calm and security.

It’s late, it’s dark outside and you’re on your way home. Anxiety spreads, your heart rate increases, and you walk with your phone in your hand, ready to make an emergency call. Parks and other shortcuts without streetlights are deliberately avoided, and you’re changing sidewalks when you look over your shoulder and notice a person a hundred meters behind you.

Sound familiar? The M6xr BodyGuard is designed to give you peace of mind on your walk home in the dark. With the light in your hand, you can activate the ultra-powerful strobe light in a split second to dazzle and pacify any attacker. The strobe light won’t harm the attacker, but it can take many minutes to regain full vision, giving you the opportunity to run away and call for help.


Dangers hide in the dark

When the sun goes down, our surroundings change. Things we normally navigate around effortlessly in daylight, such as curbs, branches or small holes, suddenly become potential hazards in the dark. Our vision fails us, and even small obstacles can suddenly lead to a fall or a dangerous situation.

But with the right lighting, the game changes. A reliable light becomes the most important tool to maneuver through the darkness and avoid these potential risks on our path. It’s not just about avoiding falls; in areas such as ports or railways, poor lighting can have serious consequences.

Compared to a smartphone light that often falls short, the M6xr BodyGuard shines more than 100 times brighter. This difference can be crucial in maintaining safe movement, especially in potentially dangerous environments, and makes a crucial difference between avoiding a dangerous situation and ending up in it.

It’s so dark you can’t see the end of the path, it’s dead quiet, and then not quite. You can hear the wind rustling the leaves and something rustling in the bushes, your heart starts to beat faster and subconsciously you pick up the pace. The dark path feels endless, and you keep looking back over your shoulder. You know there’s nothing or no one there, but you still must fight the urge to start running.

It’s imprinted in our brains from prehistoric times that darkness equals danger, so it’s only natural that the path we walk on every day in daylight suddenly makes us feel unsafe in the dark. A good headlamp can reveal all the irrational ideas our brains come up with, and suddenly the path isn’t dark and dangerous.


Defend youself if the worst happens

Even in safe areas, many are experiencing a growing sense of insecurity, especially as night falls. The fear of violence and assault fills their minds, and many seek out methods of self-defense, some more extreme than others. Some resort to keys or hairspray as improvised defense tools, while others even go as far as acquiring illegal self-defense products such as pepper spray or knives.

The M6xr BodyGuard and the accompanying assault alarm represent a legal and safer approach to self-defense. The M6xr BodyGuard enables pacification of an attacker and triggers an alarm to call for help. The powerful strobe light can be activated with a single click and can disorient an attacker for long enough to allow escape. The assault alarm can be activated by pulling the pin and throwing it into the darkness, triggering a loud siren that effectively scares the attacker and can be heard from a long distance.

Neither the light nor the alarm causes physical harm to the attacker, allowing for self-defense without fear of serious consequences. Therefore, the M6xr BodyGuard cannot harm yourself if it should be wrested from you in an attack.

*Prolonged exposure to the powerful strobe light can potentially trigger epileptic seizures.

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