S4 rechargeable


Suprabeam S4 rechargeable is an intelligent headlamp, which combines ease of control with great design. The two intuitive buttons lets you switch between the two LED’s or use both at once. This opens up for different beam patterns and delivers a unique userexperience.

750 lumens and up to 18 hours of runtime makes the S4 rechargeable the perfect light tool for any professional.
S4 rechargeable is equipped with Dual Energy Concept, which makes it possible to switch to Alkaline batteries if you run out of power.


The helmet mount is an accessory for the S-series headlamps. The clip will let you securely fit the headlamp on your safety helmet, using the mounting slot in front fitted on most safety helmets.


S4 has two different optical lenses. One lens creating a wide flood light, providing an even distributed light covering a large area. The second optical lens is a mixed beam lens providing a 20 degree spot with a 60 degree stray light.


Compatible with USB-C. This enables you to charge everywhere, either with a 5V adapter, through your computer or with a car charger.


LED: 2 CREE Power Chips
Case: Hi-Tech Plastic Compound
Color: Black House with grey Transparent Front Cover
Switch: Two Solid Silicone Switches
Headband: Quality Headband with Silicone Stripes
Weight: 136g
IP Rating: Water -and Dust Proof IP68
Temperature: -20°C to +35°C
Controller: YES, 3-step controller, flood/spot
Power Source: Li-Po 1400 mAh (5.18 Wh) 3.7 V, With internal charging. 1 pcs. included.
Charging time: 100% = 2h 35min | 80% = 1h 40min
Beam Distance: 100 meters
Luminous Flux: Max 750 LM / Medium 250 LM / Low 75 LM
Lighting Time: Max 5h 30min / Medium 8h / Low 18h
Packaging: Recyclable Cardboard Packaging
Part. No.: 604.5011


Product presentation

Electrician working in the dark with S4 mounted on his helmet

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S4 rechargeable

What's in the box






Focused accessories

Dual optics

Flood, spot and mix

S4 rechargeable is created with two different optical lenses. The right lens has a 60° wide flood light, while the left lens has a 20° spot beam with 60° stray light. With the flood beam you will be able to orientate in a wider area. From the other lens, the light is focussed into a spot beam, making you able to see up to 85 meters ahead.

The two lenses can be used separately or together, giving you a very versatile light tool, suitable for any kind of work. Flood light is perfect for nearby tasks, and inspection work. It gives you a wide field of vision, making you able to work as if there were daylight. Spot light, on the other hand, is perfect when you need to locate objects in the distance, or orientate further ahead.

Both lenses have 3 light levels, which makes it possible to finetune the light to your needs.

Dual Energy Concept

Innovative and flexible battery system

S4 rechargeable is designed with the brand new Suprabeam Dual Energy Concept, making it compatible with both rechargeable Li-Po batteries, and regular AAA Alkaline batteries. This flexible battery system gives you the environmental advantages of Li-Po batteries and the easy-to-get Alkaline batteries.

The rechargeable Li-Po batteries for the S-series has internal charging, which makes you able to use the headlamp with Alkaline batteries while charging the rechargeable battery. You can also buy extra rechargeable batteries as an accessory.

This feature makes the S4 rechargeable perfect for professional use, where the headlamp is shared between employees, as you will always have a working headlamp, even if someone forgets to charge the battery.

Quality materials

Advanced combinations of plastics for maximum strength

The S4 rechargeable series are designed to be worn for longer periods of time, and therefore comfort was high priority. Comfort was a very high priority when designing the S4 rechargeable, as it should be comfortable to wear over longer periods of time. The headlamp has a high comfort level, thanks to the soft foam pad. Further on, the inside of the headband has silicone stripes which ensures that the headlamp always stays in place, even when you move around a lot. The headband is easy and fast to adjust, even while wearing the headlamp.

S4 rechargeable can be worn all day without any discomfort at all, which makes it perfect as your next professional headlamp.

Waterproof - tested to 2 meter

S4 rechargeable is IP68 rated

All the headlamps of the S-series are completely sealed, which makes them waterproof down to 2M. You can wear the headlamp in any weather conditions without having to worry at all. Thanks to the IP68 rating you will never have to take off or detach the headlamp from your helmet, even if it rains hard. This way you will have a professional light, right where you need it.

IP (International Protection) Rating – Clarification
The first digit is the protection rating against solid foreign objects (i.e. dust) and the second digit represents the protection against the ingress of water. The S4 rechargeable’s first digit 6, means that it is protected against dust. And the second digit 8, explains that the product is protected against complete continuous submersion in water.

Light and switch control

Switch between the tabs to read more

The two-button system on the Suprabeam S4 rechargeable is designed to be simple and precise. Suprabeam S4 rechargeable is easy to operate even with gloves or wet hand, due to the solid silicone buttons with extra traction.

The buttons are placed on the right side of the headlamp, and they are easy to operate when wearing the headlamp. The top button turns the headlamp on and off and toggles between light modes, while the bottom button controls the light level.

Top button: Flood – Max, Medium, Low
Bottom button: Spot – Max, Medium, Low


Ben Kuilboer

Ben Kuilboer owner of Benz Tape Texture & Paint Ltd, has been using the S4 rechargeable on his job as drywaller for two months.

Versatile use

S4 rechargeable can be used in many different ways

Suprabeam S4 rechargeable can be used in a number of different ways. Besides from using it with the headband included, you can acquire a specially designed S-series helmet clip as an accessory. Using the mounting sloth on your safety helmet, the helmet clip makes it extremely easy to mount your headlamp. The clip can also be used to fasten the headlamp to pockets on your work wear. If your safety helmet does not have a mounting slot on the front, the S4 rechargeable can easily be mounted with our silicone headband as well.

Even if you work in a partly lit construction site or building, fitting your safety helmet with a headlamp has several advantages. On the construction site there will always be areas that the projectors or work lamps cannot reach, therefore using a helmet mounted headlamp will help you avoid those hazards.

Further on, due to the shape of the headlamp the S-series can be used as small work lamps. The shape enables you to place the S4 rechargeable in many different positions, so you can light up the desired work area.

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