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We protect your data


To ensure that you get the best possible experience while using the Suprabeam website and webshop, Suprabeam uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computers hard drive, smartphone or other devices. The cookie makes it possible to recognize your computer/IP-address and gather information about which sites and functions you use during a visit.

If you don’t want us to use cookies, you have to disable cookies in your browser. Be aware that there might be some functions and services you will not be able to use, because these functions demand cookies in order to remember the choices you make.

Some cookies are stored until you close your browser and some are stored for a longer period of time.


When signing up for our newsletter you give Suprabeam the right to store and use the personal data you have shared with us. Your personal data will only be used to send you our newsletter. When signing up for the Suprabeam newsletter, you share the following data:

  • Title
  • Full name
  • Email address


Shopping on our webshop demands that you share certain personal data with Suprabeam in order for us to bill and ship your goods. When sharing this personal data, you give Suprabeam the right to use your data in order to complete your purchase. When orderings products from our webshop, Suprabeam shares your full name and address with a third-party shipping company in order for us to deliver the products you have ordered. When shopping on our webshop you share the following data:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Company and VAT
  • Shipping and billing address

When making a purchase on the Suprabeam webshop you will need to share the necessary credit card information with the provider of our payment module to complete your order. The payment information that you share is encrypted and secure as they are being processed. We have a Data Processing Addendum with our payment module provider, ensuring that your personal information is being protected in accordance to the current rules.

All personal data shared with Suprabeam is kept securely on a SSL protected server to ensure that your data will not be compromised. All personal data shared with Suprabeam will not be shared with any third party. (When ordering from our webshop, we will share full name and address with a third-party shipping company).


If Suprabeam stores your personal data you have the right to, at any time, to obtain insight in these. You have the right to get your personal data corrected, if we store incorrect personal data about you. Should you wish to have you personal data deleted from our system, you can request this from our personal data responsible employee. Suprabeam has a procedure for how deletion of data will be conducted, and you will always get a confirmation that your data has been deleted. When requesting deletion of your personal data, you will need to supply adequate identification. In certain cases Suprabeam will not be able to delete certain personal data, as are be requested by law to keep your data.

Suprabeam is brand under Steiner A/S

Dyssen 3
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When ordering from our Store, you can read the entire list of terms and conditions here

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