Suprabeam Premium Service

We take customer service very seriously.

When purchasing a premium Suprabeam product you will not only get high quality and outstanding performance, but also a premium after sale service and support.

No matter what problem you might encounter, what question you might have, or what advice you might need, our Premium Service will be there to help you.

Suprabeam is a close-knit company where every department helps each other. This means that no matter how technical or how specific your question might be, there will always be one from the Suprabeam team ready to answer.

What is Suprabeam Premium Service?

Our Premium Service is our way of saying that we go a very long way to help our customers, and to make sure that everyone gets a fulfilling and adequate answer. Our support team has an in-depth technical knowledge about all our products and are ready to help you solve any technical problem you might have.

We take all requests seriously; if you have a problem with a product not covered by our 2-year warranty, we will always try and help you to be the best of our abilities. Our goal is to make everybody who contacts our support team to feel like they have experienced our Premium Service.

See examples on how we can help you and read what our customers say about our Premium Service below.


What does our customers say?

Many thanks again, and for your quick response to my emails – really excellent customer service

Andrew Heading, UK

Once again I am reaffirmed of the outstanding reliability of not only the Suprabeam products, but of the customer support as well.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Suprabeam and to You personally. Thank you very much for your help

Victor Koskin, Lithuania
Thank you for everything and the amazing service you have provided! Very impressed
Rodney Nelson, Canada

THANKS for your help, support and professionalism… oh and great customer service attitude.

Dave K, California, USA
Thank you for your first class customer service! I wish others were as good as you guys!! As I said first class, just like your lights which I have used for several years.
Alan McGowan, Scotland
I have never experienced such quick and competent customer service as that at Suprabeam. I am really excited and would like to thank you again for the great service.

Keep it up!

Yannick Steiner, Germany

Thank you again for a fantastic service

Have a great weekend.

Jedrzej Chudoba, Denmark

How can we help you?

We can help you with anything regarding portable light!

We are experts when it comes to portable lighting, and we are always ready to help you choose the product that will serve you best!

No matter if you need a headlamp that will fit on your hard hat, a flashlight to walk the dog or anything in between – we are ready to help. It can be a jungle to navigate through the flashlight/headlamp market, and you will get the best experience with a product suited to your needs. We know how many lumens you would need for a certain task, and when you should choose a fixed or focusable beam.

Contact us through phone, email or Facebook to get help choosing the right light for you.

Should you, contrary to expectations, experience problems with your Suprabeam product, our knowledgeable support staff are always ready to help you. When you contact us, we will go through your case and make sure that we understand every perspective, before continuing to find a solution. We will make sure that your product is either repaired or replaced if it is covered by our extensive warranty. Even if your product is not covered by our warranty, for whatever reason, we will  help solve the problem you are experiencing. Read more about warranty here.

In conclusion; we go a long way to make sure that you are satisfied! Both with your Suprabeam product, and our Premium Service.

Are you interested in the technology behind Suprabeam lights or do you have in-depth questions about flashlights/headlamps? Every Suprabeam employee is thoroughly trained in the entire product range. In addition our technical department is always ready to assist. So, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us.

You can always read more about our technology right here.

We love to listen!

If you have any comments or improvement ideas, we would love to hear what you think.

We take customer feedback very seriously and we improve our products based on the feedback we get. Similarly, if you have any ideas for new products, we would also like to hear those. We consider all ideas seriously, but we cannot promise that every idea will be implemented.

How can you get in touch with our support team?

You can contact us by phone, through email, or on Facebook

+45 87 52 52 12

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