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Follow Antonin & Lucie in the Badlands CC

Follow Antonin and Lucie in the 2022 edition of the crazy 750 km. Badlands CC bike race, which takes place in southern Spain right now! The riders took off on September 4th and will be facing 750 km. on a 85% off road route, with only one stage and no support at all. They will have to endure rough terrain, deserts. mountains, and the scorching heat of southern Spain in September.

We have sponsored the lighting setup for Antonin and Lucie, and they are both riding with a combination of the Suprabeam B6r 72Wh bike light on their handlebars, and the V4pro rechargeable on their helmets. This bright combo will be more than enough to guide them safely through the darks nights on the route.

See Antonin and Lucies bikes below

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