How tough is the M6xr?

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How tough is the M6xr?

Have you ever wondered if a Suprabeam M6xr could survive going through an asphalt machine and being paved into the road? It was never really been on our minds, but it turns out that it can!

We got the story from Manu Myllarinen from Finland who works for an asphalt company. He dropped his M6xr into a Wirtgen RX4500 asphalt paving machine, and it got mixed into the asphalt, went through the entire machine and the rotating spikes before getting paved into the road. Manu pried out his M6xr from the asphalt road and found out the end cap had been torn off somewhere in the machine, but still lit up perfectly!

If that’s not tough, we don’t know what is!

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