Alkaline VS. Rechargeable

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Do you know how much it costs to use an alkaline flashlight on a daily basis? In many businesses you will need hours of extra light to get the job done, and if you use an alkaline powered flashlight continuously, the battery cost will add up over time – A LOT ! We have made some testing in our light laboratory and calculated how much it really costs to use an alkaline powered flashlight over time. We have just recorded a video showing two security guards who use flashlights on a daily basis and compared the battery/charging cost over time. There is a good chance that you will be surprised on how much you can save by going [...]


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Product news S2 & S2 rechargeable The S2 is a budget friendly headlamp made for professionals featuring the most essential functions. S2 comes in both an Alkaline and Rechargeable version. Dual Energy – S2 can run with both alkaline and rechargeable batteries Dual optics: Two lenses with flood and spot light Waterproof VISIT PRODUCT SITE Q4 Q4 is a compact flashlight for the quality conscious user and features a brand new advanced electronic switch which allows you to stepless dim the torch. Electronic switch Stepless electronic dimming Suprabeam HYPERFOCUS™ system VISIT PRODUCT SITE Q4 defend Q4 defend has the same technical specifications [...]

On The Water’s Field Test Favourites 2017

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On The Water is a fisherman’s magazine from northeast America, focussing on fishing and boating In New England, New York and New Jersey. Every winter, the staff at OTW compiles a list of the products they used and loved the previous season, and the Q7xr made the 2017 list. Here is what OTW writes about the Q7xr: "Good Lord this is one heck of a flashlight. If you’re a secretive surfcaster looking to keep a low profile, this is definitely not the light for you. But if you want a compact flashlight that can illuminate a target over 1,000 feet away, look no further, this is the flashlight of your dreams. Even at a steep cost of $200, I couldn’t [...]