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In the beginning of the year we reached out to our followers on social media to find some adventurers who would take us along on their outdoor adventure.

We got a lot of response on the post and ultimately we had to choose only a handful of people for this outdoor adventure project. The goal was not to find the grandest adventures with the highest altitudes or fastest speeds, but diverse everyday outdoor adventures that most people can relate to and get inspired from.

Our mission is to show some of the many different outdoor activities where having a quality flashlight or headlamp can really make a big difference in regards to the experience and safety.

In this first round you can see pictures and read the stories from Abigail, Mads, and Camilo.

Suprabeam have sponsored the lights for these outdoor adventures.

Abigail Van Kooten

“As we hiked through the snowy forests of Sweden in the springtime, my boyfriend and I felt the rush of adventure coursing through our veins.

The snow has mostly melted away leaving behind a frozen crust that was easy to walk on without snowshoes or skis. We had packed everything we needed to spend a night at the remote rest cabin, and we were looking forward to making the most of our time in nature. With the sun slowly setting, we lighted our path with the Suprabeam M6xr. We quickened our pace, wanting to reach our destination before it was completely dark. The snow beneath our feet crunched and crackled as we walked along, and we could feel it getting colder by the minute. When we spotted the cabin in the distance we felt a sense of warmth and relief come over us. We quickly stepped inside, took off our jackets and started settling in for the night.

The Suprabeam torches that we had brought with us proved to be a great tool during our hike, and it continued to come in handy as we found our way in the cabin. We used it to light the fire stove and to help us navigate the cabin’s interior. As we sipped hot tea and read our favorite books by the light of the Suprabeam Q3r, we knew that this was a trip we would never forget. As the night wore on, the cabin grew quiet and still, and we drifted off to sleep in our sleeping bags, knowing that we had experienced something truly special. When we woke up the next morning, the sun was shining brightly and it was time to begin the journey home. ”

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Abigail brought these lights on her adventure

Mads Pipenbring

“Finally it was time to get on the road again. After a short trip to Scotland where only day trips were on the menu, it was now finally time to get out into the mountains again. Everything is packed and ready and we set out on a day hike in all-day rain, not the most inspiring thing to hike in all day, but you have nature all to yourself and there is a certain silence when you are there all alone.

We arrived in the late afternoon and were accommodated in a three-person room and quickly spread the wet things out on the bed so they can dry a little.

After an early dinner, the rain has finally stopped and small holes have begun to appear in the cloud cover, it called for a trip out to watch nature go to rest for the night without the pressure on the shoulders from the heavy backpacks.

The headlamp came on the head and we headed out on the trail again. Once you got used to the darkness, you could make out the outlines of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. When the headlamp was not powerful enough to light up the area in front of you, the small M6xr torch came out and it could really turn night into day. The fact that such a small light can shine so brightly is one of the things that impresses me the most. When walking on a narrow mountain path and it goes downhill with loose stones, it is nice to know that you can turn up the light strength and orient yourself on where to put your feet. It gives you peace and security to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Safely back in the room after the evening’s adventures, the battery was put in the USB charger so it’s ready for new challenges. The ease with which you handle the lights is what impresses me the most, and it’s almost incomprehensible that you can have all that versatile functionality in one light. I’m already looking forward to the next adventure.”

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Mads brought this light on his adventure

Camilo Torres

“It’s finally the weekend, we’ve been looking forward to kicking off the outdoor season. The plan is simple as usual; camp, climb in the evening for the first time and sit in front of the fire and dream up new adventures. I had been waiting to try my new M6xr that I got from Suprabeam, and we are lucky as the weather looks promising.

We drove out to Klövbergsgrottorna early in the day and scouted the whole area. We sat up tents, climbed a little during the day and rappelled down, grilled burgers and relaxed for a while.

The evening came, and it felt like the perfect summer evening. We started up with some familiar trails and tried out different ways to use the lamps. It was a completely different feeling to climbing, where you are more point focused on the small grips, that are easy to miss without the right lamp.

We will do this again soon 😊”

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Camilo brought this light on his adventure

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