Bike Mount

Bike mount

Product facts

Take your adventures to the bike! Your Suprabeam flashlight or multilamp is capable of so much more.

With the Bike Mount securely fastened on the handlebars your Suprabeam light can double as a powerful bike light, illuminating the road ahead on your two-wheeled adventures. When you are back on two feet, simply release the rubber strap and use your flashlight or multilamp as usual.

The Bike Mount fits all handlebars, and the angle can be adjusted 360° for maximum mounting freedom. Installation is extremely easy, and it does not take up a lot of space on the handlebars, stem, or wherever you wish to mount it.

P/N: 950.012
Packaging Dimensions: W: 42mm, H: 16mm, D: 32mm

Compatible with:
Q3, Q3classic, Q3defend, Q3r, Q4xr, Q5xr, Q5xr defend, Q7defend, Q7compact, Q7xr, Q7xrs, M6r, M6xr

Mount Instructions

Illustrations and video guide

1. Place the Bike Mount on your bicycle bar.
2. Tighten the cable ties.
3. Cut of the cable ties with a scissor.


Adjusting the angle 20°

With just 3 steps

1. Loosen the two screws in the bottom.

2. Adjust the angle to your prefered position

3. Tighten the two screws in the bottom

Adjusting the angle 90°

With just 3 steps

1. Loosen the middel screw located in the bottom.

2. Adjust the angle 90°.

3. Tighten the middel screw in the bottom

Changing the cable ties


1. Bend the end of the cable ties.

2. Insert it through the bottom of the Bike Mount.

3. Tighten the cable ties, and use a scissor to cut off the remaining part.

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