Li-po 2800mAh USB battery (V3pro/V4pro)

Li-po 2800mAh USB battery (V3pro/V4pro)

Product facts

This Li-po battery is equipped with a built in Micro USB port for convenient charging.

All Suprabeam rechargeable lithium batteries are high-end batteries, specifically optimized for the exact power delivery need by the flashlight/headlamp/multilamp they come with. Every rechargeable Suprabeam lithium battery is equipped with an advanced safety circuit, ensuring safe charging of the battery, and preventing potential over-charge and over-discharge.

All lithium batteries are thoroughly tested to ensure accurate power delivery and capacity.

Power: 3.7V – 2800 mAh – 10.36Wh
P/N: 951.017
Packaging Dimensions: 110 x 170 x 40 mm
Compatible with: V3pro rechargeable, V4pro rechargeable


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