Race Across Switzerland

After Karine Fragnière prepared the women’s team ‘Reaching Summits’ for the Patrouille des Glaciers, she is now starting a new women’s team for the bicycle race ‘Race Across Switzerland’.

The Race Across Switzerland is:
“An endurance cycling journey that takes you through the majestic alpine beauty of Switzerland. This adventure is a unique fusion of intense sporting challenge and scenic discovery, designed for adventurous souls looking to push their limits.

Winding roads, towering peaks and picturesque valleys. Every step of the way highlights Switzerland’s natural and cultural diversity. Discover a nation where tradition and modernity coexist, and where every turn offers a vivid tableau of breathtaking scenery.”

300 KM Route, Picture from: www.raceacrossseries.com

Karine has decided to join the cycling team herself and has brought 5 additional strong women into the team. Follow the team on their Instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/reaching.summits/ and read much more about the team, their preparations and challenges.
We at Suprabeam are proud to be a partner, so that the ‘Reaching Summit’ team are equipped with the perfect light through the night.
The team are using:

  • M6xr with bike mount for the handlebar. See the product here M6xr
  • V4pro rechargeable for their helmet. See the product here V4pro rechargeable

The Race Across Switzerland TEAM:

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