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Feel free to download and use image/video material in your promotion of Suprabeam. Please note that all image/video material are intended for promoting Suprabeam only. All image/video material are the property of Suprabeam / Steiner A/S. All rights reserved.

Roadside assistance

To be able to service his customers at any hour of the day, a professional roadside assistance officer needs some quality lighting. In this case, he is using a V3pro rechargeable headlamp and a Q1 penlight.

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Security guard

Security guards needs quality lighting products every day, when they inspect buildings in the night. The security guard in the pictures uses a Q5xr defend.

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Nordic Seaplanes

Nordic seaplanes is a small airline company who fly between Aarhus and Copenhagen in a WATERPLANE. We visited the mechanic/cleaning team when they prepared the aircraft for take off, on a dark winter morning. In the darker months the team uses Suprabeam headlamps on a daily basis.

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The S-series include S2, S2 rechargeable, S3, S3 rechargeable, S4 and S4 rechargeable. In this picture category you can find pictures of all the models, in different use cases.

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We have collected a series of in-use pictures in different industry use cases.

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Military setting

The new defend flashlights, Q4 defend and Q5xr defend, in a camouflage setting.

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Trail running

Simon James from Mountain Goat Trails have reviewed our updated V3air rechargeable, and he sent us some pictures from his running test.

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Suprabeam lights can be used in a ton of different activities, including activities in the great outdoors. We have collected some images with Suprabeam lights being used when hiking, mountain-biking, skiing and camping.

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In many lines of business a top-quality flashlight or headlamp is an essential piece of kit. In this gallery, we have visited a farmer inspecting his tractor.

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