B6r Ultimate


Unleash the full potential of the Suprabeam B6r with the ULTIMATE edition.

With the handlebar mount, premium headband, GoPro mount, adhesive mounting set, and the extension cable included, your Suprabeam B6r can be used for any sports activity you might encounter.

Use B6r with the premium headband for trail running or orienteering, mount it on a helmet with the adhesive mounting set, or use the handlebar mount for your night ride adventures. With the extension cable at hand, the battery pack can easily be stored in a vest or backpack.

With a max output of 4200 lumens you will never lack power for any of your night time sports.


The premium headband is carefully designed for a comfortable and stable fit, making it the perfect choice for high paced activities. Thanks to the intuitive mounting system you can easily adjust the light angle, and with the elastic hoops the cable is securely fastened.


With the adhesive mounting set you can mount your B6r anywhere, for example on a sports helmet. Two adhesive mounts are included, and the B6r can easily be slid out and moved from mount to mount. Make sure mounting position doesn’t interfere with helmet safety functions.


The handlebar mount allows you to mount the B6r on the handlebars of your choice! Add some serious lighting to your MTB, dogsled, ATV, UTV, motorbike, snowmobile, or anything you can imagine. With 4200 lumens you have enough light for any fast speed activity after sunset.


LED: 2 CREE Power Chips
Case: High Strenght Aluminium
Color: Black
Switch: Separate On/Off Switch and Toggle Switch
Dimensions: Lamphead: 39x58x58, Powerpack 36Wh: 30x50x92, Powerpack 72Wh: 30x50x164
Weight: Lamphead: 167g, Powerpack 36Wh: 313g, Powerpack 72Wh: 560g
Mounting: 31,8 / 35 mm aluminium handlebar mount / Universal frame mounting with Powerpack pouch
IP Rating: IP65 Water Jet Proof (Not pressure washer)
Temperature operation: -20°C to +50°C
Temperature charging: 0°C to +45°C
Controller: Yes, 5 step controller with Go Home Light
Power source: Powerpack 36Wh: 5000mAh 7.2V | Powerpack 72Wh: 10000mAh 7.2V
Charging time: Powerpack 36Wh: 80%=2h, 100%=4h | Powerpack 72Wh: 80%=3h 30min, 100%=6h
Beam distance: 230 meter
Luminous flux: Level 5: 4200 lm / Level 4: 3000 lm / Level 3: 2000 lm / Level 2: 1000 lm / Level 1: 500 lm
Lighting time 36Wh Powerpack: Level 5: 1h 15min / Level 4: 1h 30min / Level 3: 2h 15min / Level 2: 5h 30min / Level 1: 11h 30min
Lighting time 72Wh Powerpack: Level 5: 2h 30min / Level 4: 3h / Level 3: 4h 30min / Level 2: 11h / Level 1: 23h
Accessories: Powerpack pouch, Li-ion battery charger 230V, handlebar mount 31,8/35mm, adhesive mounting set, GoPro mount, extension cable, premium headband, velcro straps for cable mounting
Packaging: Premium soft carry case



What's in the box













RAM Air Cooling

High performance cooling system

An innovative cooling system for high performance lights, that also happen to be a distinctive design feature. When running high light outputs LED’s creates a lot of heat, and it is crucial to drive this heat away for them to continue delivering a high light output.

The solid aluminium body of the B6r effectively absorbs the heat and distributes it out through the cooling ribs. The protective shell around the light forces a constant flow of air through the cooling ribs which efficiently drives away the heat.


A switch system designed with safety in mind.

Never get caught in the dark – a switch system designed with safety in mind.

Accidently turning off the bike light while riding fast at night is the worst case scenario, so by separating the on/off and the light level switch we have completely removed that risk. The light is turned on with the on/off button, and the light level is adjusted by flipping the toggle switch up or down.

Cable and plug system

Industrial grade

The cable and bajonet plug system on the B6r originates from our industrial heritage, a power delivery system that will never fail you, no matter how hard you ride.

The powerpack and the lamphead is connected with a thick cable, capable of delivering the high power level needed to emit 4200 lumen. The cables are extra insulated to ensure robustness and maintain flexibility even with high temperature fluctuations.

With the bajonet plug, you get both a super easy and ultra-robust connection that are built to withstand the elements. When you push the plugs together the locking mechanism clicks into place, and creates a secure waterproof seal.


Choose the battery size that suits your needs

The Suprabeam B6r comes with either a 36Wh or 72Wh Powerpack. The Li-ion power source is covered by a solid aluminium housing, which protects the battery inside and really underlines the level of high quality materials used for this bike light.

The runtime of your B6r depends on which Powerpack you choose.

Runtime 36 Wh = 1h 15min to 11h 30min
Runtime 72 Wh = 2h 30min to 23h

Lens design

Optically engineered for maximum performance

When navigating dark trails it is equally important to have a powerful spot light illuminating the trail far ahead and a wide flood beam giving you a clear view to the sides.

The two lenses on B6r have been carefully designed to deliver a unique beam pattern with both an extremely far reaching spot beam and really wide flood beam, giving you the optimal conditions for riding fast through the darkness. What is really unique about the beam pattern is the transition between flood and spot beam which is almost undetectable, eliminating any distractions for the rider.

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