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Product facts

Being able to see far ahead when riding your bike in low lighting is essential for the enjoyment of night riding, and sufficient light significantly reduces the risk of accidents!

With this set of two universal mounting straps, you can easily mount your Suprabeam headlamp on your bike helmet or the bike itself. The elastic straps are equipped with strong nylon fasteners, to ensure easy and safe mounting of your headlamp.

P/N: 950.074
Packaging Dimensions: 110 x 170 x 40 mm
Compatible with: V3air, V3air rechargeable, V3pro, V3pro rechargeable

Strap mount included in V4pro rechargeable packaging

Mounting instructions

Video guide

1. Insert the straps on the headlamp and battery pack.
2. Tighten the straps and put it through the helmet.
3. Connect the straps on both ends.

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