V3air rechargeable upgrade!

Our classic lightweight rechargeable headlamp, V3air rechargeable, has received an upgrade both in performance and features. The well-known and loved design and functionality have been maintained, while the power has been boosted.

Our technicians have been able to increase the brightness with 25%, getting the V3air rechargeable from 360 to 450 lumen. This significant light increase comes without compromising on the runtime or adding a larger and heavier battery!

New integrated charging! The upgraded V3air rechargeable also features our new Li-Po battery with integrated charging. This new feature lets you charge one battery while using another in the headlamp, giving you 2x, 3x, or 4x times the runtime. The charging port in the Li-Po battery is a standard Micro USB. The new Li-Po battery is compatible with older V3air rechargeable models.

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