Eisenwarenmesse 2020

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EISENWARENMESSE 2020 As always, Suprabeam will be attending the EISENWARENMESSE in Cologne, Germany. The international hardware fair will run from March 1 until March 4, 2020 at the Koelnmesse trade fair center. We are going to have a big stand where you can experience our whole product range, instore display solutions, catalogues etc. We encourage anyone to come by our stand and have a good talk about professional lighting and learn more about Suprabeam. Our knowledgeable staff will be ready to tell you all about the different types of professional lighting, and the technology that goes behind! So, if you want to learn something about light, see the new products or simply have a good talk – [...]

Hidden Hazards

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Safety hazards hiding in the shadows Do you have the right equipment? Many construction sites use light towers to light up the entire site. This solution does give an overall good work light in most situations, but can create dangerous "dark spots". Larger objects as containers, vehicles, machines, cable drums etc. can cast large shadows which can cover up potential hazards. These hazards can, however, be reduced drastically by wearing a headlamp or mounting one on your helmet. With a powerful headlamp you can light up the dangerous shadow areas to see the hazards before you get hurt. We have visited a dark construction site with light towers to demonstrate how potential hazards can hide in the [...]

M6xr Product Launch

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M6xr - Multilamp Crafted from high strength aluminium, packed with unbelievable power and with an extraordinary wide range of use. All of this combined makes the Suprabeam M6xr a next generation light tool. The M6xr works exceptional as a flashlight, and as a headlamp using the included Quick Release headband. This design makes the M6xr extremely versatile and adaptable for all tasks at hand. Furthermore, with the combination of the high continuous light output and the integrated bottom magnet the M6xr can be attached on any magnetic surface and used as temporary area lighting. With advanced DC converter technology and the specially constructed High Capacity & High Drain Li-ion battery with integrated USB charging, the M6xr delivers [...]

Q7xrs Product Launch

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Q7xrs flashlight Q7xrs is the peak of handheld illumination, and the flagship of the Suprabeam torch range. The body of the torch is crafted from high strength aluminium, and oozes of supreme quality and craftmanship. Our innovative development team has worked tirelessly to optimise the efficiency of the electronics in order to produce as much light as possible for as long as possible. The Q7xrs is our most powerful torch to date delivering astonishing 2000 lumens, and due to the optimised technology, the runtime is 30% longer compared to other normal LED torches. Not only does the Q7xrs deliver 2000 lumen in peak and a 30% longer runtime, it also ideals at an astonishing 1000 lumens constant [...]

M6r Product Launch

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M6r - Multilamp M6r is equipped with a more budget friendly electronic control and LED, making it a price friendly Multi Lamp, while still delivering powerful 600 lumens! The M6r works exceptionally as a flashlight, and as a headlamp with the included Quick Release headband. This design makes the M6r extremely versatile and adaptable for all tasks at hand. Furthermore, with the combination of 600 lumens and the integrated bottom magnet the M6r can be attached on any magnetic surface and used as temporary area lighting. VISIT LAUNCH PRESENTATION PAGE

Q2r Product Launch

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Q2r flashlight Q2r is the rechargeable big brother to our iconic pocket-sized torch Q2. The Q2r maintains the dimensions from the Q2 but delivers impressive 450 lumens, giving it an extraordinary power-to-size ratio. The powerful rechargeable battery inside the Q2r is easily charged within the torch using a standard micro USB cable connected to a 5V USB outlet in your house, car, computer…. Due to its impressive size and lumens output, the Q2r will be the right choice no matter the job at hand. The torch will fit right in a pocket, and the 450 lumens is enough to light up any situation. VISIT LAUNCH PRESENTATION PAGE [...]

Waterproof and durable

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Waterproof and durable In this video we want to show you that a waterproof headlamp from Suprabeam is completely waterproof. That our rugged torches can handle tough usage. And that even though some of our lights only have an IPX4 rating they can handle some serious rain. We supply real professionals who uses our products day in and day out. Therefore, we set high standards for materials and construction in order to create torches and headlamps that can handle tough usage for years. High quality materials All our torches and aluminium parts are crafted from high-strength aluminium. This extra durable aluminium makes our torches able to withstand being dropped and even run over by a [...]

Video testimonial – S4 rechargeable

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S4 rechargeable - Video testimonial How does the S4 rechargeable perform on the job? We have got a video testimonial from the professional drywaller Ben Kuilboer. Ben Kuilboer is a professional drywaller and owner of Benz Tape Texture & Paint Ltd. In Vancouver Island, Canada. Ben has been using the S4 rechargeable headlamp on his job for the last two months and are absolutely happy about it. Ben uses the headlamp to find imperfections in his drywall finishing during the final sanding. Therefore, the IP68 rating is important here, as the headlamp must be sealed tight to not be damaged by the fine sanding dust. With the powerful Suprabeam S4 rechargeable headlamp you can get [...]

S3 rechargeable review

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S3 rechargeable review The S3 rechargeable is designed for the outdoors and to match everything that mother nature can throw at it. Simon James of Mountan Goat Trails is a trail running and outdoor guide from the United Kingdom. With a lot of different jobs all around the world,  Simon was the perfect man to really put the S3 rechargeable to the test. We send him the headlamp in December, which is the perfect time to test a headlamp in the UK. Furthermore, to our luck Simon was going wild camping in Tarangire Safari Park in Tanzania so he could really put the headlamp to the test. Simon tested the S3 rechargeable in the cold and rainy [...]

Roadside Assistance – Video and Image material

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Roadside Assistance We have teamed up with a Roadside Assistance officer to show how quality lighting is paramount in this line of work, where you need to be able to operate 24 hours a day. This ended up in a professional in-use video, where you can see how the Roadside Assistance Officer benefits from the V3pro rechargeable and Q1 that we have equipped him with. You can see the video below, and the images on the In-use images page. DOWNLOAD VIDEO DOWNLOAD IMAGE ALBUM

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