Li-ion 18650 3000mAh USB Battery (Q3r)

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Li-ion 18650 3000mAh USB Battery (Q3r)

Poduct facts

This Li-ion battery is equipped with a built in Micro USB port for convenient charging wherever you go. By charging in the battery it is possible to have several batteries and use your light continusly.

All Suprabeam rechargeable lithium batteries are high-end batteries, specifically optimized for the exact power delivery need by the flashlight/headlamp/multilamp they come with. Every rechargeable Suprabeam lithium battery is equipped with an advanced safety circuit, ensuring safe charging of the battery, and preventing potential over-charge and over-discharge.

All lithium batteries are thoroughly tested to ensure accurate power delivery and capacity.

Power: 3.6V –  3000 mAh – 10.8Wh
P/N: 951.023
Packaging Dimensions: 110 x 170 x 40 mm
Compatible with: Q3r

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